cool surprise

Hi friend!

I’ve got a surprise for you, it’s really cool and awesome, you’ll like it for sure. Check it out


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  1. BioShock 2 (backup Trine 2) - Played Bioshock 1, absolutely loved it… please OP make it happen :slight_smile:
  2. While I’m happy to say now that I’m waiting on my GTX 750 ti to arrive, I had to play the entire year of 2014 with a GT 610 so I have to opt for an older title, in this case I chose Mafia 2, absolutely loved it, what a great title
  3. Now with my GTX 750 ti, I really hope I can run GTA 5 (i have 720p monitor so that should be fine)
  4. I’m sorry this question confused me a bit …

Good luck to all and happy new eyar

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