Could not open Intaglio files

I’m using Program Intaglio for many Years. I use Intaglio version 3.9.5 with iMac 11.7.4 Big Sur.

Now I have two Problems with some documents I made a few Years ago.

Problem 1 If I try to open a document, the answer is: Das Dokument konnte nicht geöffnet werden , Error null. See attachment

Probelm 2 If I try to open a document, nothing happened or Answer ‚Ein oder mehrer Zeichensätze konnten nicht gefunden werden. Then Program does not anymore work. Restart requiered.

No promises, but try this. Install Rosetta 2. It helped restore some functionality under Ventura… not everything, but I cand do some simple things that I could not do before. See article at How to download and install Rosetta on Mac . I keep a machine wiith Mojave for my heavy duty Intaglio work Please let me know if this helps.


I have now downloaded Eazydraw and so I could open most of my files.

I am also using Intaglio 3.9.5 running Big Sur 11.7.4. I have no major problems – although a few things which I can do without, no longer work (such as Patterns).

Your second problem seems to be to do with a missing font. Do you know which one it is? Does it make any difference if you install the missing font? (Over the years Apple has changed the free fonts which come with Mac OS, so you may just have been unlucky.)