CSS menu again

Hi gang,

I’ve been trying to make a horizontal CSS menu. A while ago, ages in
fact, I ran into the problem that the menu will only extend as far as
its contents, so that if you colour it black, it only stretches as far
across the page as there are links in it. I solved that by pasting it
into another HTML box which is coloured black, and is the width of the
site. End of problem. I even gave this advice on the list here, and
got thanked handsomely for it :slight_smile:

Today it’s different. I make my menu, black background, too short for
the page width, and I paste it into a black HTML box (these are all
floated inlines, by the way). As soon as I do this, my containing
black HTML box (the background for the menu) disappears on Preview. If
it doesn’t contain the menu, it shows up fine in Preview, but as soon
as I paste the menu into it, the menu shows up but the container
doesn’t and I’m left with a too-short menu.

Has something changed that I’ve missed?

best wishes,

Paul Bradforth


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