CSS Menu: Vertical sub menu: Adding extra columns to sub menu sections


Might I ask for assistance with sub menu formatting please?

I am redesigning my website after 11 years Yay! But it means I feel like a beginner again. And I would appreciate guidance, tips and best of all a solution :slight_smile:

The problem:

I have shifted my menu to the left hand side.
It is now a vertical menu
I have 7 main titles in the menu
Each one is a theme I work with as an artist
Such as ‘Meerithic’ ‘Perambulate’ and ‘Sensorial’

Underneath each title I have put sub menu items. ie. a different page for each exhibition. Making 11 pages or more under each theme (menu)

This makes each sub menu list way too long vertically and it is not possible to see the menu when trying to navigate the page.

I think the soloution may be a three-column sub menu? I think this is called nested or group?

Attached is a screenshot of the current chaos :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much, I appreciate your time,

Hi Sunshine,

I would tend to avoid nested menus, because they hide information and they’re tricky to navigate. I’m also not sure that it’s a good idea to use vertical menus. These work well on horizontal desktop layouts (they used to be common in the past), but they’re less suited to vertical mobile layouts.

One way to avoid nested menus would be to put your main links in a menu, but put the secondary links directly on a page, or in a box that appears on several pages.

Hey Jeremy,

Thank you so much.

Having secondary links on their own page as per theme is Ace! I am going to use this.

The left hand side vertical menu has an ol school retro vibe for me which I really like, which means I have a new solution to work on:

I am now off to work out how to keep my sub menu but have each of the main menu items linked to a “secondary links box page” without it automatically showing up in the sub menu as well.

Cheers once again,