CSS Menu Wrangling

Created CSS menus using Freeways built in action, which is really neat. (Just upgraded to v5)
Having problems controlling them, though. Depending on the user’s font size, etc, the menues either split into two lines or worse: the last top level menu spills over to the left side of the page:
http://www.tarrytownmusichall.org/ (if you don’t see the problem, increase the font size)

Can I prevent this from happening? Is there a way to control the width of individual menu items, so that shorter words get a narrower field?
(In Filemaker, you can make fields slide left to avoid empty spaces)
I put in gif-spacers to try to get a nice uniform length.
I guess the second best option would be if it spilled over sideways, without using a new line.
Kind Regards,