Drag and Drop of Photoshop or Graphic Files

Dragging and dropping from a “graphics creating tool” such as Photoshop is
different from dragging and dropping from a “file cataloging tool” such
as iPhoto, iView or Portfolio. There is no direct link to a disk-based
file, so the image data is stored, or embedded, entirely within the
Freeway layout document and nowhere else.

can save your Photoshop (or other graphics app) document for future use, but there’s no working
link between that and the image you dropped into your Freeway page.
This is exactly the same behaviour as you get from copying and pasting
a graphic from a program such as Canvas, Illustrator, Freehand, etc.

The absence of an
external graphic file on disk can be useful (as it means fewer files to
track) and it can be problematic (as it means no master file to open,
edit and simply resample back in Freeway). Use whichever method suits
the task you’re working on at the time.

(Note that drag-and-drop
from a library-style application such as iPhoto links directly to the
high-resolution image stored on disk, wherever it may actually be