Drop down menus

I am keen to move from Freeway to Xway (I have to keep a machine running macOS Mojave just for Freeway) but my site uses drop down menus in the navigation bar. Is this something you are working on or perhaps there is a workaround (like the hamburger menu)?

Hi Adrian,

We’re working on adding direct support for hamburger menus (a menu bar that is replaced by a hamburger menu on narrow screens), but this won’t (initially at least) include submenus.

It’s also possible to use markup to add a hamburger menu in the current version of Xway.

My general impression is that drop-down (Mac-style) website menus are less common now than they were in the past (15 to 20 years ago), and I don’t find them particularly helpful. I think there’s a difference between drop-down menus in an app (which you might use frequently and which follows standard conventions) and drop-down menus in a website (which you might not visit very often). People will invest more time in learning an app than in learning a website.

My own preference is for a website to have a top-level navigation bar (without submenus) and to include further links on the target pages. I find that clearer and less intimidating, and it’s the approach that Apple use on their website. Our own website (softpress.com) also follows this approach.


Hi Jeremy

Thanks for your prompt response. I will try rearranging things as you suggest. Thank you again for all your efforts in developing Xway. Much appreciated.