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I have resorted to simply creating a FWP site as “normal” and run the specific data from EE on the specific page. I cant seem to figure out how to do it otherwise… so…

Since I am using a box model layout, each page I create will not update from the master. What if I need to go in and make a global change to the footer? Am I really stuck changing on every single page? Is there a way I can get around this…EE is capable of updating across the whole site. But doing things in FWP has me boggled a bit.

If there are any experienced EE + FWP users that have time to email with me in future matters while I learn, please let me know. I don’t get the sense there’s much info on the boards that I can learn from as a newbie.

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I’d take a look into ‘embedding templates’ when it comes to EE. This is how you’d save time with content that is often static (or repeated constantly), but can be changed dynamically.

So if you wanted to do a global change of your footer using EE and embedding templates, which this method is how it should have been done, then you’d want to create a new template group called ‘embeds’ and then create a new template called ‘footer’ and then in the code box write out your code for the footer inside that template in EE. (So, if you’re following along, you’d create the template called ‘footer’ and then click on the ‘footer’ template till you had a fill-in-the-box box to put your code in.) Typically you would just write out the FW code, so if you looked at it normally when you viewed source in your browser you’d so see something like:

<p class="some class name">Insert Footer Information Here</p>

You’d then copy and paste that into the template (named footer) and then click ‘Update and Finished.’ Then you’d go and insert an inline Crowbar action where you’d want to place this content in the box model (this action works better than an HTML markup item with EE) and then you’d go to your Actions palette and then click ‘Code’ and then in the fill-in-the-box box that comes up you’d enter in the EE tag of:


Which a break down is:

‘embed’ = the EE tag,
‘embeds’ = the template group,
‘footer’ = the template name,

This saves a ton of time with repeat content, but that’s the idea of how you’d get it to work.

I’m always on the e-mail for help with things within reason. If something is going to take a ton of time I do have reasonable consultation fees.

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