Embedding Vimeo / Youtube video adds transparent line below video

Hi all,

Sorry for the double post, the other one didn’t use my full subject line!

I used Freeway Express to maintain my personal website as a film editor. I used to have all my sample videos as part of my website (hosted at the same place my website is). It worked well however, to increase compatibility across more platforms and give people the option of switching to a higher resolution and full screen playback, I moved my videos to Vimeo. The problem is, for some reason when I embed a video (I’ve tried YouTube and Vimeo just as a test) as an HTML markup item (OR using the community provided plugin for Vimeo videos), I get an odd transparent break in my background image just below my embedded video. You’ll notice in this link, each of my website pages is a single image file I create in Photoshop and then image maps for the hyperlinks over each “button” I created in Photoshop. When I hosted all my videos on my own domain and wasn’t embedding, there was no break, just a single continuous window which is what I want. Now that they’re embedded from Vimeo, again or Youtube, I have that little break under the video window. I know, it may seem minor but it really bugs me and I want it as streamlined as possible without this break. Any idea why Freeway Express would be doing this? I’ve tried messing with all the possible settings in the inspector window with no luck and also even tried downloading Freeway Express Pro to see if that helped. Nothing works thus far :confused:

Ideas? Thanks!


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