Ernie website update needed


I’ve been away from this forum for a few years. Now I’m back and looking to hire a Freeway expert to help me update this site:

I did not have the time to keep up with Freeway as it moved into version 4. So I hired Ernie Simpson to construct the latest iteration of this site. Those of you who remember Ernie (The Big Erns) know that he has his own unique methods for getting Freeway to do his bidding, including the use of lots of CSS tricks. The original plan was for Ernie to take care of my periodic site updates and maintenance. But he has taken a full time position at a print house and no longer has the time to do freelance Web work. That is also the reason why he’s been absent from this forum for so long. I’ve spoken with him and he’s fine with me reaching out to the Freeway community to find someone who can take care of my updates.

There is no design work involved. The look and feel will remain the same. The changes are more technical production in nature, such as moving and replacing or adding Quicktime movies and changing how the Quicktimes play on one of the pages. If you are interested in providing a quote, please contact me off list.

Thanks very much.

Scott Ferguson
scott at
310-455-1413 (US west coast)