Exhibeo 2.0.12 does not match image with its assigned link in latest Safari and Firefox versions


I updated an exhibeo gallery and the links to download a pdf no longer match the corresponding image in Safari 16.5 and Firefox 114 . However, they match and work as expected in Chrome 114.0.5735.106 and Microsoft Edge 114.0.1823.43 The links also match the corresponding images in Safari 14.1.2. You can check this in: The Jus Semper Global Alliance

Your support on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi Alvaro,

I’ve looked into this, and it seems that in recent versions of Safari and Firefox clicks (on text or links) are sometimes being intercepted by slides that are later in the sequence. (Safari/Firefox think that these later slides are in front of earlier slides.)

We’ll look into this a bit more, but I think we should be able to fix it in Exhibeo.

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Hi Jeremy,

Indeed, they are being intercepted by subsequent slides. Thank you so much for your support. I look forward to your results.

We will release a new version of Exhibeo that fixes this, hopefully by early next week.

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That is great! Thank you so much. I will check back next week. Thanks again Jeremy

We’ve fixed this in Exhibeo 2.0.13.

Hello Jeremy, thank you so much!. I updated Exhibeo and uploaded the new file, and it works as expected. I really appreciate it. Thanks again and cheers!