Exhibeo 2.0.4 is here!

We have just released Exhibeo 2.0.4.

If you already own Exhibeo 2, you can download the latest version for free from our website (click on the “Try” button) :


You will also be able to update in a few days’ time by clicking on Check for Updates in Exhibeo.

The new version of Exhibeo includes a number of fixes and improvements, but the main new feature is the ability to export galleries for Xway (choose “Export to Xway” from the Export menu).

Note that Exhibeo 2.0.4 also contains a link to this (new) Exhibeo Talk forum. Clicking on “Support and Community” in the Help menu will bring you here!

We’ve updated our Sparkle (update) feed.

You can now update to the latest version by clicking on Check for Updates in Exhibeo 2.0.3.