Exhibeo and X-Way integration

Hi. I am having trouble getting images in X-way to work with their hyperlinks. The images were all prepared in Exhibeo and imported into X-way as a component. Each image has a link to another webpage. All works well when viewing the images page in X-way’s ‘preview’ in my local Safari browser.

After I had uploaded the site to my hosting provider, the web page – called ‘Design’ – displays the images, as an Exhibeo ‘Thumblie’ theme, but when you click on an individual image to show it, and then click on it again, it does not take you to the designated webpage linked to it (the link as created in Exhibeo).

I uploaded using Cyberduck, and I am not sure I am using this correctly; I suspect this is an upload problem. On the hosting website in my Public.HTML folder the CSS, Scripts and Resources folders all contain Exhibeo files. And all the additional linked pages are there in Resources. Any ideas, anyone? This is the site, now live, here:

Regards, Trevor

I’m guessing you have probably dragged the pages from Finder into Exhibeo’s link field. This has created file:// links corresponding with the location of the files on your computer which cannot be accessed from another computer.

The links that you enter into Exhibeo will need to correspond to the website instead. This could be complete URLs such as https://www.adesign.org.uk/d20.html, an absolute URL for the website it’s being viewed on such as /d20.html or a URL relative to the gallery such as d20.html.

The second option is generally going to be safest and you can still drag the file into the link field to achieve that, just remove file:///.../Site after doing so.

The links I see in the published page are local (file) links to files on your computer. They need to be made as actual http[s] hyperlinks instead. Since you made them in Exhibeo, that’s where I would start looking for options.


That’s the literal URL of the first one I checked…


Thanks for the prompt replies, Simon and Walter.
I can see now that I made the mistake of trying to get the website to work in preview, so I copied the web page references as they were shown in X-way preview: that is the only way I could get them to work in Preview.

I will try again, using the actual web site references, not my local browser.
Regards, Trevor