Exhibeo gallery pictures not showing in some browsers

I have built a gallery page using Exhibeo galleries. There are six separate galleries set up in a flex box containing the component exported from Exhibeo 2.08 for each gallery. All works fine in Xway and all pictures show and the gallery works as expected. However, when I preview in some browsers previews there seems to be a problem. Safari works fine and everything shows for all galleries but in Firefox all that displays is the background colour of each gallery. In some browsers some galleries show and others do not. Is this just a browser problem or something in Xway that I have missed?

Hi David,

What theme are you using in Exhibeo?


Hello Jeremy. I am using Bloxx for all the galleries. Since this morning I have tried a number of different browsers. Safari, Maxthon and Brave all work fine and all pictures are displayed. Firefox shows no pictures on any gallery. In Chrome 2 galleries work and the others don’t. Interestingly I added a second brand new copy of one of the two working galleries. It didn’t work whereas the original did. As they all appear in three browsers is this something to do with the browser rather than Xway?

Hi David,

I think I’m seeing the same problem. If I create a simple page in Xway with two or more Bloxx components, then one or more of the galleries opens without displaying any images when I view it in Firefox. Sometimes the problem goes away if I reload the page in Firefox, but sometimes a different gallery fails to display images. Is that what you’re seeing?

This isn’t an Xway problem. The same thing happens if I add two or more Bloxx galleries to a Freeway page.

I don’t see this problem with Focus galleries (which look similar before they’re opened). I’ve logged this as a bug in Exhibeo. My guess is that it could be some kind of JavaScript issue.

Hello Jeremy. Yes what you describe in para 1 is what I see. As I said in the three browsers I mention everything displays correctly as far as I can see but the others display what you see too. I thought it must be something to do with the browsers. I will try an alternative. Thanks for your help.

Jeremy, just tried Focus galleries on two sets of picture and both those work in Firefox. Others on page which are blox do not. So it seem that it is a bug of some kind. I will try other galleries in due course but I tend to use bloxx most of the time so hope something can be resolved.

I think the problem may be related to the fact that Bloxx uses JavaScript to add links to CSS files, instead of adding them directly in the head section. We should be able to fix this in an updated version of Exhibeo.

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This is fixed in Exhibeo 2.0.9.