Exhibeo Showtime gallery not loading properly

Hello again,

Just wondering what the issue is here with an Exhibeo showtime gallery loading. In preview it looks as per the screen shot.

Using the most up to date version of Exhibeo and the Exhibeo Import plugin 1.06.The setup works for other galleries. The page I am using is a dupliate of another one with the exact same setup other than a change to the text and the new import of the exhibeo file.

Any thoughts?

Hi Tonzodehoo,

That looks like an upload problem. Does it work if you view it locally?

If you’re using a third-party application to upload your site, check that you’ve uploaded the css, resources, and scripts folders. I find it simplest to use Synchronize (in Cyberduck or another upload program) to synchronise my local Site folder with my online folder (rather than upload everything manually).

Hello again Jeremy,

many thanks for taking the time.
The screenshot is from within Freeway preview of the page. Once its uploaded its the same of course.

Its a setup I have used for years for a quick upload of images for clients etc just duplicating the same page and amending the title and the new exhibeo import.

I thought it might have been relating to the image size as some of them were enormous as they were taken on another camera, but I’ve resized them with no change in outcome.

I have uploaded it here Maws 90th Birthday though as I mention it is the same issue in the preview in Freeway. The slideshow previews fine in Exhibeo.

Thanks again

Sorry - I failed to notice that this was posted in the Freeway category (not Xway or Exhibeo).

When you say “most up to date version of Exhibeo”, is that the most recent version of Exhibeo 2 or Exhibeo 1? If you’re using Exhibeo 2, check that you’re using the Exhibeo 2 Import Action and not the older Exhibeo Import Action (“1.06” suggests you’re using the old Action).

Hello again Jeremy

Indeed I am using version 2 Exhibeo but with the old action. Where can I get the updated version? That will probably be it! I did have a look on Actionforge and a google serach for the source of an updated action but couldn’t see it.

Hopefully this is all it is.

Thanks again

You can install the Exhibeo 2 Import Action from Exhibeo 2’s Help menu (“Install Freeway Action for Exhibeo”).

Thanks again Jeremy, I hadn’t noticed that as I haven’t really looked at that menu for a long time. Maybe I should!!

All is functioning as it should.

Your assistance is as ever very much appreciated.

Best wishes for your day.