Exhibeo Showtime theme timer

Hi all I have see this qestion before but no answer…
Can Exhibeo Showtime auto run rather than the viewer having to click on the ‘play’ button>

Hi Carla,

There isn’t anything you can set in Exhibeo that will do this, but if you don’t mind editing the JavaScript file that Showtime uses (exibid_showtime.js), you can look for the following code:

$(window).load(function() {

… and add an exclamation mark before el[id].s.playing:

$(window).load(function() {

This changes the JavaScript code so that instead of pausing when a window is (re)loaded, it starts playing when the window is loaded (or reloaded). [An exclamation mark means “not” in JavaScript and other programming languages.]

The best place to make this change is in the gallery that is exported by Exhibeo. If you do this, you will need to redo the change whenever you edit the gallery in Exhibeo, but you won’t have to do it each time you publish from Freeway or Xway (as would be the case if you edit the file Freeway or Xway publishes). The exported gallery is a package: you can open it and see its contents by Control-clicking (or right-clicking) on it in the Finder.

Use a text editor (not a word processor) if you want to edit this file (TextEdit is fine).

An easier alternative would be to use the Slide theme in Exhibeo. This doesn’t display thumbnails, but it plays automatically and gives you control of the duration for each slide.

Thanks so much Jeremy

I will think about it
I have already made changes in code years ago but this site has 16 galleries so I’ll probably let it go
This certain client likes the thumbs although I feel it’s dated
Take care!!!