Existing Fonts Not Working Correctly After Updating A File To FW7.1

It has come to light that there is an issue with fonts if you select text and then use the Font menu to edit graphic text in the Inspector. The workaround for now is to use the Font option in the Style menu - so if you go to Style>Fonts (so the mouse pointer is hovering over the fonts list) and then type the first letter or two of the style you can quickly get to that font, even if you have a very large number of fonts installed.

From our tests so far we haven't found any issues with selecting and editing HTML text - other than a strange instance where at least one commercial font family only lists three fonts within that family (where all 12 appear in the list in 7.0.4). Our developers are also investigating that problem - but for now there is no workaround, other than to source a different (but similar) font family - or the same font from a different type manufacturer.