[Express] Creating a web page with shadow or dark glow

I am trying to create what is a very common effect seen on many web sites such as seen here at http://www.apogeedigital.com/products/gio.php .

What I am referring to, is the main white page (with rounded corners) and a dark glow to create a “shadow” from all angles.

I can create a page with this effect using a HTML item with rounded corners and a glow set to black. The effect looks fine as long as the opacity is not too high because the boundary of the glow on the background can then show a sharp edge. So this works and looks OK.

However, I cannot then add a graphic into this HTML item in the way that I have done many times using HTML items but without a glow underneath.

Is there a limitation to doing this when a glow is used or am I doing something stupid here?

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