[Express] Difficulties launching a local java file

Hi there,

First, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and my best wishes for 2015.

Im new to Freeway, as a matter of fact I’m testing as we speak as I’ve been looking for a web design tool and I came across Freeway. It seems to be a great tool and I like.

I want to develop an Intranet for the Medical Clinic I provide support for. The environment is purely MAC and the Web site will be running on a MAC server.

I’m having difficulties launching our Electronic Medical Records(EMR) application from a CSS Menu link. The EMR is a java based application that has a JAR file. When I tried to launch it using a link of the CSS Menu I get an error. I tried using Java Script, General and File type for the link and I get the same results either it shows the directory where the file is located or I get a file not found.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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