[Express] moving data in tables

I’m looking for a means to move the text in a large number of fields in a table, en masse, to other fields (i.e. up or down the columns). The ideal intuitive scenario would be selecting multiple fields by dragging across them, then click-dragging any single one and moving them as a group, with the destination highlighted as the data is hovered in the correct place. Of course, that’s not what it does. The only option I can see from the manual is to shift-select, then cmd-C cmd-V. That’s cumbersome and time-consuming for what I need to do. It’s either move a few bits at a time, or slip in clicking and watch several dozen laborious one-at-a-time selections de-select. I have a 3 column, 70 row table with text that I need to shift to accommodate new entries. I’m near the novice end of the spectrum with this application and will be happy to be corrected by an expert. Please let me know what the magic, easy, done in 2.3 seconds key command is that I’m ignorant of. TIA! ver 5.5

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