[Express] Page buttons

Need help on creating multiple page buttons for a 22 page Comcast site that I have to recreate within Express. Have master page created okay with logo/header; and have created 22 site pages, but apparently the wrong way. So back to the first page and HOW to create the link setup so that there is a NAME graphic of each page (NAME) across the top of each.

I created 22 buttons and put then in an box across the page just under the header image section. Looks good, but have not succeeded in linking them together or anywhere. Do those buttons have to be the rollover type to function?

Have downloaded the tutorials, studied them several times, made notes, downloaded all the written material I can find and still do not see the way of doing it.

A graphic of what has been done is on the following link awith a graphic of the Freeway Express setup. (it the full url does not work eliminate all after the / after test page.

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