[Express] pop-up window/text-graphic box shaping

Hi fellows, I am a Freeway new user and this software is very nice. But I am fighting with some things that maybe someone can help. I am using Express for the time being, can afford Pro at this times.

I want to make a pop-up window with text, and possibly links, pretty much like this guy here (http://www.christiancravo.com/index_en.aspx) made with his menu. Check out portfolio and ibook links, I want that pop-up window.

I know how to make a pop-up window this with rollover, but the mere window does not have the aesthetics that I want, and I would need to reshape the text box used for my rollover to produce that small “arrow” and make borders a little more round as that guy from the website above did, not the boring square box.

Can someone help me with this?


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