[Express] SEO questions

  1. Heading tags.
    I now understand that the Express version of Freeway does not support creation of header tags. Is it possible to add some HTML code to mark text on a page as a H1 for example? What I would like to do is to mark a paragraph or a heading as H1 after I create a page with body text. Can this be done.

  2. I have created a few sites using FreewayExpress and in each I have included links back to each of the other sites. The links list the address of those sites as http//:www.links.com together with a readable text link address and a description. However, these links don’t appear to be being seen by search engines when using a tools such as the free one from www.seoworkers.com. Is there something else I should be doing when I create a link on a page?

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