[Express] Two problems

Hi. Two problems I can live with, but would rather do without!

(1) I have a Freeway page open with a formatted text box and some text. In fact, Ariel, white, 14 point. I cut and paste in some further text, and wish to format the lot. I select all the text, set it to Ariel. Now when I adjust the other parameters, the Ariel setting changes to Ariel Hebrew – which happens to be the next font in my list. Annoying.

(2) Suppose I wish to upload a large number of (Freeway) files – pages, resources. This takes a long time, and sometimes the transmission gets interrupted (I’ve been having SSH error problems). Now many of the files have been uploaded, but when I repeat the process, the reload starts from the beginning again. I assume when the upload is finished a time and date is imprinted on the files. If this is the case, it would be useful for this to happen every 5 minutes say, so that the same files don’t have to be uploaded again?

Any thoughts? Cheers,


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