FavIcon action not working

Hi there

I’ve just updated a website using Freeway Pro 4.4.2 at http://www.shrs.org.uk and FavIcon version 1.4.1. However the FavIcon isn’t showing up in the browser.

I have checked that the FavIcon is a valid graphics file but the code inserted into the page misses out the FavIcon links:

I’ve tracked down the problem to the body table. If I delete it the FavIcon details fill in properly:

Narrowing the problem down further it seems that the issue is with the shadow edges of the table.

I’ve adopted the approach outline in this thread http://www.freewaytalk.net/thread/view/4242#m_4246 to create the cell background image in a series of styles rather than using the Cell Background Image action. However doing this seems to stop the FavIcon action from working.

The only other page icons I have in use are Freecounter 1.4.4, AntiSpam 2.2 and HTML Language 1.0b3 but deleting them makes no difference.

So, how can I use styles for the edges for the tables and get the FavIcon action to work together?

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