Fix menu when scrolling up

have been working with your great software for a long time, previously for years with Freeway, it’s really fun, now I would like to fix the menu at the top of the screen, but only when you scroll up, that it is then fixed when it arrives at the top, is that possible ?

have attached 2 pictures that you understand what I mean



Hi Tim,

This isn’t directly supported in Xway (yet), but you can do this using extended style properties:

  1. Select the menu
  2. Open the Extended Properties section in the Box Inspector
  3. Add the following properties: position: sticky (type “position” in the Name field and “sticky” in the Value field), and top: 0 (type “top” in the Name field and “0” [zero] in the Value field).

Hello Jeremy,

thanks for your quick reply, I tried it, did you mean it as in the picture, unfortunately it does not work, it happens purely nothing, just like when it is not in it

best regards


It works fine for me!

The menu scrolls to the top of the screen and sticks there. Check that you entered the extended properties correctly: don’t include the quotes or colons, just what is between the quotes. Here’s a screenshot:

This is useful thanks, and it works to keep the menu at the top the page while scrolling, but I have an issue with the remaining page items scrolling in front of the menu, obscuring it. It there a way to keep the menu in front of the other page items when fixed at the top of the page?

Ah yes - set Z-index (in the Style section of the Box Inspector) to a large number. Xway does this automatically for menus if you choose Absolute or Fixed position (it chooses “999”), and it will do the same for Sticky position when we support this directly.

Thanks. Will try that.

Hello Jeremy,

it works, thank you for your support. :grinning: