Flexbox Problem

Hello. Help needed (again)…

I am following the instructions for setting up a flex box and have a question. When I get to the part where it says to create boxes within the flexbox, the results I get are not per the instructions:

"Insert a few boxes by clicking on the Insert Box button in the toolbar: start with five boxes.

The first thing you will notice is that the boxes you insert are not stretched across the width of the container (as happens with boxes in a text container), but sit on a line next to each other."

The boxes I create after the flexbox box do flow to the same wide of the flexbox (the entire width of the site). Should these boxes (if done as per instructions) be inside the flexbox? The ones I created sit below the flexbox.

Am I doing something wrong ? I’m using Xway 0.b8b.

Hi Kittyhawk,

You need to insert the boxes within the flex container, not after it. You do this by putting the container into editing mode, the same way that you would put a text container into editing mode - by clicking on it when it is already selected, or by pressing Command-Return.