Fonts not working

I have been trying to use a particular font, Trajan Pro, the is installed on my computer. I shows up in the page view, and in the page preview mode, but using web preview (opt-com-B) causes a default font to be substituted, in this case Times. I have tried every way I can to insert this font in to the font list in Xway, and have also re-installed the font using the Font Book app.

Other fonts work perfectly when added - Optima, for example. Is there something that I need to know about fonts such as Trajan that is not in the Users Guide?

Hi John,

If it’s installed on your computer, I don’t know why it’s not working in your browser. Are you using Safari or a different browser?

However, you also need to consider that most people probably won’t have this font installed (I don’t have it) so it won’t work for them either. If you want to use a particular font, and it’s not one that most people are likely to have (Times/Times New Roman or Helvetica/Arial), it’s better to use a “web font” that can be downloaded by the browser. Even in this case, it’s a good idea to specify a fallback font (some people have web fonts turned off in their browser).


Thanks Jeremy. The choice of browser didn’t seem to make a difference. However I did find a good substitute, Antiqua, which seemed to work and I will check it across different computers owned by different individuals.

I don’t have Antiqua on my computer either. I don’t think there are many fonts you can rely on people having, apart from Helvetica (or Arial) and Times (or Times New Roman).

It might be worth checking out web fonts, which are easy to use within Xway. Google have a page of free web fonts:


Try Cinzel from Google. It’s a lot like Trajan.