Form not working

I posted a form on a new website and the only response I get is:
item1: email@hidden

This e-mail was generated from a form submission on your website:

Now, email@hidden was a fake information I put in for testing the form just like other fake response i use for testing the form but the only thing I got back was the e-mail and came back as an “Item 1”.
I made this site with Freeway 5 Pro and the server company I am using is “” which got me a linux server with a 5.0 PHP.
If anybody out there can help me to get this form going I would appreciate tremendously.
Jose Diaz

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How did you create this form and its associated gdform.php file?

My first comment would be that you can get your layout to look so much better if you construct the form in a 2 column table. The 1st col for your titles: Products needed, quantity etc. and the second col to hold your input fields. This will hold it all together in a much more structured way.

As to why it doesn’t work - look at the input names first.

input name="Phone Number

input name="E-Mail Address

Do these exactly match the gdform.php file?

Tim Plumb has the excellent PHP Feedback Form action | PHP feedback form

Which takes all the hard work out of forms and does the php for you.

Or there is Mike B’s easiform actions Easibase: easiForm

If I could see the gdform.php I could probably help more.


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