Framesets always display the same title in the browser

A frameset is a sort of web page containing other pages in different frames within the main overall frameset. To the browser, however, it appears to be a single page, and the browser will display the title for the outermost frameset in its title bar, and will ignore the titles of any of that frameset's "child" pages. This means that entering a name in the Title field of the Inspector will not display that name on the top bar of the browser (which it does normally).

There are some JavaScript hacks that can be used to change this behavior, but they only work reliably in one or two browsers, and thus are not widely used. If you need the title of the page to reflect the actual page content (and that is a very good idea), you might consider using Server Side Includes instead of a frameset to present your information.

Using SSI, you can combine the content of several different pages into one single page, which is one reason you might have chosen a frameset in the first place.