Freeway 6 and Tumult Hype

I’ve posted this directly to tech support, but I thought I’d share it on the forum as well:

An interesting issue: I have a site that has had a number of Hype (HTML5) animations for over a year. The most recent one was created around a month ago.

I upgraded to FW6 a few weeks ago and earlier today I updated one of the animations. Everything is exactly where it should be and done exactly right but it doesn’t work.

The difference is that the previous animations (which are working fine in 6) were on a 5.5 document that Freeway converted to version 6.

I created a test site with 5.5, inserted the animation and it works perfectly. Then I opened the same site with version 6 (including the automatic conversion) and guess what - the animation works. If I try to do the same thing from scratch in 6 it obviously loads when previewed but it doesn’t appear. Also, if I try to copy the markup item from the 5.5 to 6 converted document, it doesn’t work either (and, again, with the Hype resource folder exactly where it should be).

Something is going on with markup items in 6 - it can convert an item with a link to a Hype animation but cannot handle new or copied markup items with a Hype link.

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