Freeway and Expression Engine Site Where to host in UK

Its been a long time since Ive been here and everything has changed. I’ve still got my site running on Freeway 5.5 and Expression Engine and all is well. I did try Freeway 7 but could get it to work. I have now been hit with a renewal from provider of 20 years that is three times the amount it used to be. $360 last year $128! What provider do people use here in the UK thats good. I only have two sites and that use both Freeway and Expression Engine So I need SQL. Any help greatly received as its pretty nerve wracking after all this time. Also if anyone has migrated a site using the this setup and tips would be greatly received. Thank you in advance Adam

Hi Adam

I’ve recently moved my Freeway Pro 7.1.4 sites to HawkHost Fast & Secure Cloud Web Hosting at Hawk Host as my previous host had become too expensive.

They moved everything for me and it all worked flawlessly. This included a site with a very large picture database using MySQL

To see many hosting companies compared I’d recommend going to

Hope this helps


Excellent advice thank you Gordon. I’ve gos at least 7500 images of digital watches in mine! regards Adam

I used

and then imported the whole of my website into ‘Sparkle’ as an interim measure before

Freeway gets up and running.

Thank you to all replies. I ended up going with clook. I have to say they have been fantastic, moved my massive site and smaller shop site across and set it up, and kept helping as I tested it for bugs and bugged them. Freeway is still uploading all the files and i’ve even cleaned up some of my code and clear a load of junk in the folders. Hopefully I can keep running the sites in Freeway & EE in the future.