[Fretspace] Fretspace 1.1

We’ve just released a new version (1.1) of Fretspace, which you can download by clicking on the Try button at the top of the Softpress Fretspace page:

Fretspace now has Play buttons in the toolbar and in the chord and scale/arpeggio pickers, which allow you to hear what chords and scales sound like.

Other new features include:

  1. The Notes section of the Inspector panel displays the root note and degrees of the current chord, scale, or arpeggio, and allows you to change them using popup menus.

  2. A Strings popup in the chord picker replaces the previous Type popup. This includes a number of new options. If you choose Any from this popup, Fretspace will display shapes that are played on any combination of strings. These include almost every possible shape for a particular chord.

  3. A Shape popup in the scale/arpeggio picker allows you to choose between standard box shapes, diagonal shapes, and 2/3/4-note-per-string shapes.

  4. The scale/arpeggio picker includes additional Bebop scales.

  5. The scale/arpeggio picker includes additional Blues scales.

  6. The General section of the Preferences dialog contains a Mark Unplayed Strings preference. When this is selected, Fretspace draws a cross at the top of unplayed strings in chord boxes.

  7. There is a Color Root Notes option in chord and scale pickers.

  8. Charts can be copied, pasted, and duplicated.

  9. Option-clicking in a scale/arpeggio box will add or remove matching notes in other octaves of a scale or arpeggio.


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