[Fretspace] Fretspace 1.2

We’ve just released a new version (1.2) of Fretspace, which is available as a free upgrade from the Mac App Store, or from the Softpress Fretspace page (click on the Try button):

New features include:

  1. The chord picker contains a set of Notes buttons, which can be used to select any chord by choosing the notes that it contains. These are similar to the Notes buttons in the scale/arpeggio picker.
  2. The scale/arpeggio picker contains additional Pentatonic scales, including all five modes of the Major Pentatonic scale and the Dorian Pentatonic scale.
  3. The scale/arpeggio picker contains additional Blues scales, including the Dorian Blues scale, the Dominant Blues scale, and the Sus6/9 Blues scale.
  4. Other improvements to the scale and chord pickers, including the ability to select a chord or scale without having to use submenus: e.g. clicking on Major Pentatonic in the following example will select the Major Pentatonic scale:
  5. Alternate Voicing tool, which generates alternative chord voicings.
  6. Swap Dots tool, which can be used to swap dots between the top and bottom strings.
  7. Holding down the Shift key when choosing Move Dots Up or Move Dots Down from the Box menu (or clicking on the equivalent toolbar items) will allow you to move shapes up or down by 12 frets. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts ⇧⌘↑ and ⇧⌘↓ .
  8. The shortcuts for Invert Up and Invert Down have changed to ⌘I and ⇧⌘I. These are easier to use with non-English keyboards, and perhaps easier to remember.
  9. Holding down the Option key while pressing one of the arrow keys causes the selection to be moved (or extended) to the start of the chart (Option ↑), end of the chart (Option ↓), start of the current line (Option ←), or end of the current line (Option →).


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