Front-end (in-page) Editing Demo

Much to my (and others’) surprise I discovered a long time ago that it was possible to integrate the MODX CMF into FW. It wasn’t an ideal marriage due to Freeway’s limitations but it definitely worked. And even though it’s been several years there’s no reason it shouldn’t still work with the current version of Freeway. Maybe the next version will make things easier.

With that in mind I recently put together a couple editing demos using MODX (no FW). One demo uses a traditional back-end admin area to edit a page, and the other is a front-end or “in-page” approach using Fred (the Friendly Editor). It’s vaguely similar to WebYep but because it’s built on the MODX framework there’s a lot more power to be leveraged. Also, Fred is more than a front-end editor, it’s a visual content builder.

You can learn about all the editing demos at the link below. If you’re new to MODX or Fred then I strongly suggest you read the intro pages. But if you want to jump straight into the demos then knock yourself out.

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