FTP proxy for Xway. How to use?

H i am using Xway software and i reali like it!!!

But niw i havea problem.

I was advised to use Cyberduck until Xway has build in ftp uploader like Freeway had.
After Xway I was using Cyberduck to upload my web site.
But now after the war in Ukraine the goverment bloked all Russian web sutes with out any selection. And my web site is in Russia.

My web site has nothing to do with that policical crap and it is about love

So when i try to upload my web site it doesnot upload.

So i think it must use proxy for ftp protocol.

But i totaly do not know how to set it up.
I tried for more the hour to set up FTP proxy to upload my web site created in Xway and nothing works. Please help me i am not good in computer sciense.

Hi Sasha,

We don’t know of any straightforward way to do that (perhaps someone else has some suggestions?) but I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to upload.

Are you in Russia or somewhere else in eastern Europe? Is it possible for you to move your website outside of Russia?

Hi Jeremy. I am right now in Ukraine. And the goverment in Ukraine baned all web sites which are in Russia. I have 5 web sites over there.

I have custom names and it was some work to get them.

To access my web sites i can use free build in VPN for my browsers. But they work on for brousers but not for all other programs like Xway. I need to get separeta VPN software which will work for all programs on my computer but it is a bit price for me.

So for now i found a way just throe the browser with VPN directly upload files to my web sites. It is a bit clanky and unconvinient but for now it is how.

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Glad you’ve managed to work around this issue for now!

A regular system-level VPN rather than something built into your browser will be the only answer I’m afraid. I use HMA VPN – the name is short for ‘Hide My Ass.’ Yes, that’s a fairly silly name, but it works very well; I’ve used it for a few years and it’s proven very capable. It’s not free but it’s really not that bad: HMA VPN service | Total online privacy with HMA

As the current situation is unlikely to improve in the near future and is very likely to get worse, the long-term solution will be to host your site in a different country.