Fuzzy green borders around transparent .pngs?

Sometime around 10/2/09 (at 16:12 -0500) Rocky Slaughter said:

I keep getting these fuzzy green borders around the graphic text
.png transparent files and the transparent .png picture files.

If you want to have floating graphic layers with true translucent
shadows then you’ll have to set these as PNG (as you have) but also
set the colours to ‘Millions’ (as you haven’t, yet). This includes
the 8-bit alpha channel that provides the lovely blending effect. See
the Inspector palette…

But this will bulk up the total data size of your page and elements,
so you may prefer to try UNlayering those elements so they render
into the image below.

This is also an imperfect solution, but it is an alternative that can
be worth picking.


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