FW to Xway inline text issues?

Hi all

after a few years im back redesigning my website to find i can no longer use old faithful FWpro, shame. anyhoo

here is my website,
ive give the tutorial a go and had a mess about and im still a bit confused about a few things,

heres my site

i want to replicate it as much as i can, the main thing for me is replicating the nav menu inline with each other on the horizon, i cant seem to get it anyway close to my site its driving me nuts to the point where i was considering abandoning it and going to a monthly subscription wix for example, which i really dont want to do,

does xway also manage video files as well as freeway does ?

Many Thanks

Hi Terry,

I’ve sent you an Xway document which has a menu that is similar to your Freeway menu:

You can add videos to a page by choosing Video from the Insert menu, or by clicking on the Insert Video tool in the toolbar. You can also use iframes to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos.


One improvement to what I sent: if you set a maximum width of (e.g.) 70% on the “Terry McShane PM/AD” box, this will prevent the hamburger menu from colliding with that box on small screens.

many thanks for the advice and attachment Jeremy

thats my night taken care of for sure !

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