I did some work this weekend on a successor to my Generate script. Since Generate is tightly bound to MyActiveRecord, and that library has reached its end of life with the widespread use of PHP 5.4, I wanted something to do the same thing with MiniActiveRecord, which is the successor to that library.

So this is just the user interface so far, and I need to make the generator that builds the proper code. For now, all it does is allow you to model your application, and then submit the form to the Reflector so you can see how the data are packaged. When it’s done, you’ll be able to make a complete database application with just a few buttons and menus. I’m planning to charge for the privilege – thanks very much to “Glynster” for putting that bug in my ear.

Fool around with it, see what happens, marvel at the “live” picking lists, which update whenever their possible contents change, let me know if you’re confused at any point. It helps to know a little bit about ActiveRecord and the various named relationships, but I leave that as an exercise…


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