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I have renamed a site I was working on and saved it. When I have reopened up Xway in the File menu Open Recent section it is just showing a folder with the new name which I can not open. I cant see the old name I used.

The Open Recent menu is managed by the system. Xway documents are packages. Packages are folders that contain files and subfolders, but are normally treated as single units on a user level. Packages are identified as packages (rather than normal folders) by their file extension.

What you can do is to check that the document package (which the menu is showing as a folder) contains the correct extension: “.xway”. If you inadvertently renamed or removed this extension, the document would cease to appear as a package. It’s possible to change “.xway” to something else in the Finder (via a Get Info dialog) but you should get a warning if you do this (e.g. “Are you sure you want to change the extension from “.xway” to “.xway2”? If you make this change, your document may open in a different application.”)

You can use the Get Info dialog in the Finder to check that the document package has the correct extension. Change it back to “.xway” if it doesn’t.

Thanks. I added the xway extention to the file name in the finder and it is now reading it.
If you decide to rename your project is it best to rename it and add the .xway extension at the end as well so it shows up in the recent list as a file you can open. From what i can remember it doesn’t show an extension type when renaming, so would this happen every time you rename a project?

In the xway guide it just tells you how to rename the document. It didn’t say it would change it to a folder, which was a bit confusing.

Thanks for the help and quick reply much appreciated.

Did you use the Rename function in the File menu? This is another function that is provided by macOS, and it shouldn’t change or remove the extension - but I’ve just tried it and I can see that it is doing that for Xway documents. I’ll see if there is anything we can do to prevent that from happening.

I can give you a workaround. Instead of choosing Rename, you can click on the name in the document title bar, and this will allow you to rename the document in a way that doesn’t cause the .xway extension to be removed.

What version of macOS are you using? I don’t remember this happening in previous versions of macOS (I’m on Ventura), but I usually rename documents by clicking in the title bar rather than by using Rename.

Now that you’ve added the extension back, you might want to choose “Hide extension” in the Get Info dialog (if you haven’t already done so). This makes it harder to remove, so long as you avoid File/Rename for now.

[I also see that you *can* use File/Rename so long as you manually add the extension when doing that - this shouldn’t be necessary, but it works.]

Yes I used the rename function in the file menu.
I am on an old dual six core mac pro 5.1 running Mojave and it all seems to work fine.

I normally start a project under a test name and when further on change the name to the final title so it’s not something I would continually do anyway but nice to know there are some ways to prevent it or have a quick workaround if that happens.

many thanks

This appears to be an issue with Xway’s associated metadata.

We will fix it in the next beta version.

Thanks for reporting it!

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