Getting anywhere on Freeway Talk

Dear Talk,
I had a lot of trouble logging into the Freeway talk forum but
eventually realized it had changed since I last logged in and my
‘credentials’ had to be reapplied. I signed up for a new account,
got my password and activated it changing my password to the old one
so I could remember it. I also signed up for the email list and now
get all the posts in my email.

Well, a) I decided not to have the emailed posts and wished to  

cancel that and b) I had a technical question… I CANNOT LOG
IN!!! All I get is that my credentials are invalid, how can that
be if I just sighed up? Also, WHERE on the site is my account info
and profile… I do not see how I reach that page. The whole
thing, in my opinion, is a mess. All I want is some help on a Freeway
issue. Now it seems I cannot get it.

 Please help and clarify.  Carolyn Barnett (Freeway Talk member  

since last Winter)

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