Google Analytics Action

Type of Action: Page Action and Folder Action (to use it, make sure nothing is selected on the page, go to Page>Page Actions to choose the Action from the list; or select a folder in the Site Panel list, go to Page>Folder Actions and choose the Action from the list).

What the Action can do: This Action lets you do the following:
  • It lets you offer a page (or pages) of your site to Google so you can track visitor usage, etc., through Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an excellent way to analyze traffic to your site allowing you to determine the best path to a sales conversion, see the route your visitors are taking round your site, where they are visiting from, what platforms and browsers they are using and much much more. Google presents all this information graphically, and in a way which makes far more sense than the usual text-based web stats you are probably used to.

The Action inserts the necessary code onto your page to allow Google’s analytic software to run on your site. When the site has been uploaded, you can simply log into the Analytics site to take advantage of the wealth of information available. This Action can be applied to individual pages or, for statistics on all of your pages, to the topmost folder of your site in the Site Panel.
  • To apply it to a specific page, select the page in the Site panel and choose Page>Page Actions>Google Analytics
  • To apply it to a folder, select the folder in the Site panel and choose Page>Folder Actions>Google Analytics. If you apply it to your Site Folder, it will automatically apply to every page in your site.
Once the Action is applied, enter your Google tracking number (which will be look like this: UA-1234567-12) in the Site Code field of the Actions palette.

To find your Google tracking code, log in to Google Analytics and click the Account name that you want to track. The tracking number will be displayed next to the URL for the site, above the Reports you have set up for it.

If you are using the new layout for Google Analytics, the tracking number is on the Home page, underneath the site name.

The only other option in the Actions panel is a checkbox to determine whether or not you use Legacy Code. Checking this option will use an old version of Google's tracking code, unless you have a specific reason to use this we recommend leaving this option unchecked

Note: Google will generate the stats at midnight every night so you will need to wait at least a day before any stats can be seen