Hello Arne,

I have grasped the use of Google Fonts and the process is fantastic! It took a great deal of study and experimentation but I finally overcame my confusion about setting font weights. Also, the proper use of italics in the style sheets is challenging. But, the study was worth it—abundance of fonts now—virtually anything I want. I could not find the classic Avant Garde and Optima fonts without paying one of the mega-type companies but there are adequate similar fonts in the Google Fonts library.

Tip #1: Even though Google says “you don’t have to download the screen fonts”, your graphic life will be simpler if you do. Use the “download” feature then use Font Book to install them (or, drag the screen fonts into your Library/Fonts folder. Be sure to restart Freeway after installing fonts so that Freeway recognizes them. You will have to create font sets and text styles, but that’s part of the fun of mastering a new technique, right?

Tip #2: Precisely follow the instructions for copying that line of code from the Google Fonts site and pasting it into your Page/HTML Markup dialog. Read the instructions slowly and carefully.

Tip #3: Even though that line of code (in Tip#2) will contain the italic designation if you have chosen several variations of the font (bold-italic, black-italic, etc.), you invoke those variations using the italics selection in the CSS styles. It would seem that the italics would be invoked in the “Alternative Fonts” panel when creating your new font set, that’s generally not the case. Yes, there are fonts that do NOT require the “italics” setting in styles—more experimentation on your part.

Tip #4: Read “Creating Custom CSS Styles in Freeway”, Knowledge Base article #230 two times.
Read “Using Google Web Fonts”, Knowledge Base article #276 five times.
Read “Font Sets—Getting the most out of your fonts”, Knowledge Base article #221 three times.
Read “Using Font Variations with Google Web Fonts”, Knowledge Base article #455 five times.
Read the instructions on the Google Web Fonts page five more times.

Experiment until the light bulb goes on—for it certainly will. I’m almost seventy, and if I can get it, then you surely can at your young age!

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