Graphics come up as Missing...yet in the folder

Very strange with files missing once I try to edit. According to “Resources”, Freeway is looking for graphics with a .pngf suffex in some cases.

I should add that when I open the project…nothing comes up as missing. When I try to publish or preview…I get the long list of missing files.

if I upload the original files…all is well. If I do as little as changing one page and upload that page on its own…graphics are missing.

Unbelievably frustrating…glad for any thought on relinking/finding LOTS of supposedly missing graphics

graphics with a .pngf suffex

There are two ways that classic macOS used to identify file types: 1. File type metadata (e.g. PNGf for PNG images), 2. File suffix (e.g. .png for PNG images). “pngf” is not normally used as a file suffix, so I suspect that it is listed as a file type rather than as a suffix.

[Modern versions of macOS no longer use file type metadata, but it allowed older versions of macOS to identify files if they didn’t have a file suffix.]

If you need to locate missing images, you can do this via the Edit Resources dialog. This will tell you whether a file status is OK, or Modified, or Missing. If a file is missing, you can select it and click on the Edit button to bring up a second dialog. This should contain a Locate button which will allow you to locate the missing image (via a file dialog). If the image that you locate contains other missing images, Freeway will normally locate them (automatically) along with the image you have located.

when I open the project…nothing comes up as missing

I think that’s normal. Freeway displays preview images (embedded within the document) when you view document pages. It uses the original images (if they’re still available) when you publish.