Great deal on a VPS (Virtual Personal Server) at Joyent

Only for the next couple of weeks, follow this link:

This gets you a 1GB SmartMachine VPS. For $45 per month. (Compare to
SliceHost, at $70 per month for the same account size, but there you
have to install your own operating system, too.)

If you haven’t used a VPS before, here’s why they’re so cool: you can
do anything at all. Need to reboot the entire server? That’s fine.
Want to upgrade the version of Ruby or install a Gem? Go ahead. Need
to tweak something else in the server’s core stack, or switch from
Apache to Nginx? All yours.

And if you have a large blast of traffic for some reason, you can
“burst” out of your account limits, taking over up to half of the
physical server that your virtual server lives on to absorb the excess

However, as Ben Parker says, with great power comes great
responsibility. You do need to be a bit of a pocket protector-wearing
geek to want or need this. But if you’re sophisticated enough to
realize that you’ve hit the limits of shared hosting, then you you
probably do own said pocket protector (or a propeller beanie).

So, as they say in the infomercials, Act Now, Operators Are Standing
By. (I do not profit from this, but if you want to mention my name,
I’m sure I will gain brownie points or something.)


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