HELP, Ripping my hair out...

Thanks in advance…
I have spent 4 days trying get freeway to behave, Most of the problems I have accepted as my own lack of knowledge and learning curve.
But I am seeing way to many bugs.
or corruptions.

What do I need to trash from my system to delete the app and all Pref, .Plist etc to start from scratch.

I gave up on the first attempt assuming the document has become corrupted.

I started a new one.
Master page has a background and 6 Html rectangular fields filled with graphics (all jpegs set to pass through).
Since this is a test… I dragged one master sheet down to create a second page since the first is defaulted (now named home).
Now have two pages. Built the CSS Menu for 2 pages and tested the site. I have each of the 6 items (excluding the background which would not fill the screen before no matter what I tried… and is now working, have no clue why) set to fixed% so they will flow over an extended window. non behave them same from page to page, nor do the 2 burlwood looking ones behave on the same page.

It was working before all hell broke loose… on the original.
Now with 2 pages and essentially nothing on them
they will not behave the same even though I have use master content and master settings set for each.
I have compared each html/Jpeg and they appear to be set exactly the same… Or I am just missing something massively stupid at this point.

(yes its live, I don’t have the energy left to put up a test sight separate from the production live page) whine whine whine…

Thanks again

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Just be really tired,
Please focus on the burlwood not being the same. at this point. I had to manually for each item put the checkmark back in for the master page settings. ( should I have to for each item?)

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Please focus on the burlwood not being the same.

If ypu mean that one Burlwood image stretches across the page when the other does not?

This is quite simply because they use different images at different sizes. One is 2500 x 250 while the other is 1200 x 70

As a result the outcome is different.

However I think that you are going down the wrong route in your quest for a responsive site.

You really should NOT be using images like this ie your headline graphic (which should have semantic meaning) is just an image - and one that dis pros at larger screen sizes.

There is no reason why you should not be using real text in there.


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Seriously… thank you.

I’ll have to rework the Pict with the text.

I found that several of the failures I was having yesterday.
Required that I trash the pict and re-import on 4 of them/
after which they worked. Missed the size on the Burl I must have grabbed the wrong file.

I have had several moments of not being able to figure something out.
Trashing the content and re-adding it and suddenly it works
with no changes other than reimporting. Making the learning curve ridiculously long.

Have been trying to find insight on Wrappers, Body vs header vs footer and how to apply and why I would need them. Is there a tutorial on the site that would help… I have not found one. Thanks again.

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