Hire Freeway expert (based in UK)

I will be starting work on a website soon that I might need some help with.

I’m based in Gloucestershire in the UK and would ideally like to hire someone close enough to allow the possibility of a face to face meeting, or failing that someone in the UK so phone calls are easy.

The site need to be responsive (but the client likes the idea of a one column layout, which could make life easier). It needs to have a CMS (I’m keen to use Surreal) allowing new pages to be added, new pages added to the nav bar, and repeat regions on a news pages. And there will be a booking form / page / link to PayPal.

I can design and build most of it, but might need help with trickier bits and would like to have a ‘mentor’ to call upon to chat through the project.

Anyone interested?

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