How do I prepare my legacy file for Freeway 5?

Opening your Freeway 4 files in the latest version of Freeway
should be trouble free. We do however recommend looking through your
sites and make sure that everything is working as expected.

Below are a couple of issues that should be checked:

though Freeway will automatically save a backup we still recommend you
make a backup of your Freeway 4 file before starting this work. This
way you will have the original to go back to is anything untoward

1. Freeway outputs links in a slightly differently
way to older versions (particularly Freeway 3.5), which fixes a bug
that caused links’ underlines not to be a different color to the link

Check your links in Freeways Preview to make sure that
they look as expected. If you find they don’t then the easiest way to
fix the problem is to remove the link and re-apply it.

If the problem persists then you may need to remove both the styling and the link and then reapply them again in that order.

Go here for more information on creating custom links in freeway 5

Some items in your site may become overflowed. This could be caused by
the improved CSS rendering in Freeway which may increase the size or
spacing of your items. Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix up. Simply nudge
your items down the page so they are no longer overlapping, once you do
this the X that appears in the items will disappear revealing your
content again.

Opening your Freeway 3 files in Freeway 5
sounds like a daunting task, but in fact it’s quite a simple process.
You can make the move much simpler by doing some groundwork in Freeway
3 before making the move.

Even though Freeway will automatically
save a backup we still recommend you make a backup of your Freeway 3
file before starting this work. This way you will have the original to
go back to is anything untoward happens.

Freeway 5 assumes that
your file was saved in one of the last versions of Freeway 3. We
recommend that you download the Freeway 3.5.15 update and use that to
update your site. Open the file in Freeway 3.5.15, publish and save.
Check your published site to ensure that it works. Once you are happy
that all is well, you can proceed to the next step.

Freeway 5 is
a very different beast to Freeway 3. Much has changed internally, and
no more so than the way in which styles are handled. You may find that
some problems that have been encountered with the transition from 3 to
5 have been to do with styles. Get your styles straightened out, and
Freeway 5 will give you a much smoother ride.

Make a BodyStyle.
Go to Edit>Styles and locate the style that forms the majority of
the body text on your site. Duplicate the style.

Give the
duplicate style a sensible name - eg “BodyText”. If it is not a
paragraph style, click on the Paragraph check box. This will be the
foundation of all body text in the site. Paragraph styles are your
friend. Apply them to every single block of HTML text you can find
(remembering to keep a copy of the text on the pasteboard so you can
match up bold/italic and restore any links that will be lost)

create styles for Bold, Italic, Headings and so forth. These are plain
character styles. Apply these to the text as you go through the site.
Restore any lost links in the text, using the copies you kept on the

Headings can be paragraph styles (depending on their
placement on the site). Remember that paragraph styles will affect
whole paragraphs, so if your headings are separated by a soft return
(opt+return), go through your site and replace them with a hard return
(just return). Use View>:Invisibles to help you. In Freeway 4, you
can convert headings to the H1, H2 styles easily.

When you are
happy that the refurbished site look as good as the original, delete
all the backup text on pasteboards as they are no longer needed.

Delete all stray styles and save and close.

you have any third party Actions, ensure you have the Freeway 5
versions installed before proceeding. There are differences between
Freeway 3 and Freeway 5 Actions, and using the wrong kind can cause

Open the file in Freeway 5. Convert the header styles into h1, h2, h3 , etc… You can use the Edit>Style dialogue to do this.

may have a number of Actions in your Freeway 5 document that are no
longer needed or not present in the Freeway 5 Actions folder. Going to
Edit>Actions will help you switch unwanted Action off. Any that are
in the Document Actions section will need to either have their Freeway
5 versions installed, or their check-box switched off. A number of
Freeway 3 Actions duplicate functionality offered by Freeway 5, and are

Publish and check the site again.

The result should be a much sleeker site. Not only will it just validate, but you also get much better CSS and HTML.

summarise: look at your Freeway 3 file carefully and redo styles if
necessary. Check your Actions usage and prune out any that won’t be

If you are at all concerned about moving your files
from Freeway 3 to Freeway 5 and you have not yet upgraded, then please
try the demo of Freeway 5 before proceeding.