How to embed insta on xway site

It’s possible embed a profile Instagram on the xway site ? There are some tools for that ?
Thanks for the reply.

Hi Mario,

I found the following Instagram article on how to embed an Instagram profile. It describes how to copy an embed code, and goes on to say that “the embed code will now be copied to your clipboard and can be pasted into your HTML editor”.

Xway is not an HTML editor, but you can paste HTML content into a markup item, and place this wherever you would like it to appear on your page.

It’s possible that the embed code is actually an iframe. In that case, you could extract the iframe information and use an iframe within Xway (I don’t use Instagram, so I can’t check this). The advantage of using an iframe within Xway (if this is possible) is that Xway will display a preview for the iframe.

What I suggest is that you start by using a markup item, and post a link to your page when that is working.

Thanks Jeremy. You are very kind.