How to enlarge display on screen (not WYSIWYG when constructing website ....)?

Hello everybody.

I did my first and only two Websites with Freeway 5 in 2009 (completely out of practice!). Due to the fact, that already then, what you did was not what you would see live and screens get bigger and bigger, the website ( displays too small for nowadays needs.

Is there an easy way (Freeway 7 only works anymore on OS 10.13, Xway is far from ready and I suppose Freeway 7-made sites can not be taken over, meaning earlier or later you do not have access anymore, except running OS 10.13 on another Mac!) to make the site display larger?

Rookie Gringo appreciates any helpful advice!

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

Freeway 7 runs on macOS 10.14 (Mojave), but it won’t run on later versions of macOS because Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications.

Your site does look small on desktop browsers, and it’s possible that you could change this by setting a viewport scale, but you also have to consider that most people now view websites on mobile devices. What you really need is a site that adjusts flexibly to different devices. It’s possible to create a flexible site in Freeway 7, but it’s difficult because Freeway wasn’t originally designed to do this.

My advice would be to create a new site in Xway. Xway is designed to create flexible websites that adapt to different devices: boxes and pages are flexible by default, and Xway supports advanced CSS layout features such as flexbox. It doesn’t have built-in support for forms (yet), but Freeway’s form-handling is (increasingly) problematic, and there are online form builders that you can use.

Hello Jeremy

Thanks for your reply.

I already spent the whole Monday afternoon, checking on Xway. But it is not at all fully functional, not to mention very limited fonts, and I can just not build the whole site again on another programm. I am not a Freeway / website professional. This would take me weeks and a lot of nerves, remembering doing it on Freeway 5 in 2009.

Furthermore, there is no deadline at all on which Xway might / should be complete and hopefully existing Freeway sites (I suppose, there are many out there) might be immigrated.

I do (have to) come more and more to the conclusion, that I have to abandon Freeway, check maybe Jimdo or then look for a professional web-creator and spend thousands (which my small company does not have …) for a completely new one.

All in all, very frustrating …

Xway’s font support is more extensive than Freeway’s. You can easily add fonts (including Google web fonts) via the Fonts view. Unlike Freeway, Xway doesn’t support graphic text. Using graphics for text isn’t something that is generally recommended in modern web design. You can import a graphic logo if you need that, but for most purposes is better to use an actual web font than to add graphic text.

We are planning to add some kind of Freeway import in a future version of Xway, but your site is a good example of a site that needs to be redesigned so that it adapts flexibly to different devices. The content is fine, but the layout needs to be replaced with a flexible layout. You can copy content from your existing site into a new flexible layout (there is an appendix in the Xway User Guide that discusses this). Xway also provides built-in support for navigation menus that are replaced by “hamburger” menus on mobile devices. Xway encourages good HTML practice: use actual headings (rather than large font sizes) for what are intended to be headings, use margins (rather than repeated line breaks) for vertical spacing, and so on. There are Xway tutorials on our website that provide step-by-step instructions for creating a modern flexible website.

There isn’t a date for when Xway will be “complete”, because it is continually being updated with new features. What Xway currently provides is a way to create modern flexible websites. At some point we will start charging for Xway (with discounts for Freeway users), but we plan to continue developing it after that.

Something that I hope we will provide in future is a greater selection of template documents that people can use for their own websites. There is an existing sample document that you can use if you like: the Xway tutorials provide steps to create this, but the document (and variants on it) are available separately on our website.